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Pet Photography Myths

You’ve heard about pet portraits, but you aren’t 100 percent convinced they are for your pet.

It’s not uncommon. Many people have concerns about their pet, from behavioral concerns to worries about how their dog will look in photos.

That’s why I’m here! I think every pet deserves a chance to shine in front of the camera! So read on for some of the concerns that I know you have, and let’s get those cleared up so you can have those beautiful photos you always wanted.

Myth #1: Black pets don’t photograph well.

The truth: Black pets are my favorites! You might think I am crazy when I pose your black pet in front of a black backdrop, but trust me, the results are simply stunning! With the right lighting, black pets literally shimmer.

Myth #2: My pet has to know how to sit for them to take good photos.

The truth: Active or sedentary, your pet is perfect for photos. I want to capture the true personality of your fur baby in the photos, so for an active dog we will get him to jump and play in the studio, and for a cat that loves to lie around, I will bring out the comfy chair.
Myth #3: My pet will misbehave.

The truth: I know pets. I understand their behavior. I don’t believe in bad pets! I know that some pets have quirks, and some pets haven’t completely been trained, and I am okay with that! Trust my, my own pets misbehave sometimes, too.

Myth #3: My pet is too young.

The truth: When photographing children, we all know that there’s a limited amount of time to get that baby stage, the toddler stage, the preschool stage. The time frame with pets is even smaller; they go from tiny puppies or kittens to full-grown adults in a matter of months, not years. So the puppy isn’t potty trained? So what? Bring her in. I’ll clean up after her and you’ll have those photos to treasure when she’s a grown-up.

Myth #4: I have an unusual pet, and you probably don’t photograph those.

The truth: I love all the pets! I have done portraits of guinea pigs, ferrets, a leopard gecko, and birds. I did have a snake in the studio once but he was shy, so I’m dying to photograph a beautiful snake.

 Myth #5: My pet is too old.

The truth: This is the myth that breaks my heart to hear … because older pets are our greatest joy. They have become treasured friends, constant companions, and have so much history with us. Capturing that love is so important!

What other concerns do you have about getting pet portraits? Contact me and let’s talk through them, so I can create those glorious photos of your pet that I know you will love!

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