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About the Photographer

Let me tell you about my mom …

Hi, I’m Hallie, canine studio assistant at Mariposa Studio. My mom, Michelle, loves to take pictures but hates to write about herself so I offered to help.

I can tell you, you’re going to love her! If you are a dog or cat or any other pet, she is the one you want to have as your photographer.

I always hear the people tell her how patient she is, and I know she’s really patient with me. Not to mention the treats she keeps in the studio … I know because I’m the quality control for those treats and they are YUM!

Then there are the squeaky toys, the pull toys, the comfy couch that’s set at perfect dog height … I could just go on.

Mom tells me she has been a photographer for nearly 28 years, which is seven times longer than I’ve been alive. She went to school for photojournalism, learning to adapt herself to what was happening naturally instead of needing to control everything on a photo shoot, and let me tell you, that comes in handy! I’m a pretty active dog and it’s super fun to jump for treats or pounce on a toy and get photos, rather than having to sit still all the time (although did you notice? I’ve gotten good at that too!

Don’t worry if you’re a dog that is nervous around other dogs though … I’m totally willing to take some time off so you can come get your photos taken. If you’re a cat, mom’s probably coming to your house — “on location” as she calls it. (I like cats A LOT but the one that lives here doesn’t like me much. After four years she lets me share the bed sometimes though.)

One thing you DEFINITELY need to know about my mom is that she loves to run! She does trail races and ultra marathons, and sometimes as a special treat we get to go out on the trails for a day. You might just catch us taking a break from work to go out on the Ouachita Trail, one of my favorite places to explore.

What else should I tell you? There are two great boys, Charlie and Nate, that live here that just keep getting taller. The cat is Grace, and she’s super sweet to everyone but me. (I have no idea what I did.) There’s also Tom, and he and Mom love each other and I love Tom because he talks baby talk to me and lets me lick his ears. Sometimes I get to visit the farm close to Clinton where the cows are! And that’s pretty much my life … keeping the sofa warm while mom edits photos, testing the treats, snuggling everyone in turn and keeping those cows in line. It’s a good life.

The last thing I want to say is, if you’re a pet or a human who is worried about photos, don’t worry! It’s fun, and so rewarding. There’s no reason for humans or pups or kitties — or kids, or grownups for that matter — to fret. Mom makes it fun and relaxing, because she’s never in a hurry and she never gives up until she has that perfect photo. And of course there are those treats …

If this is something you’ve been thinking about doing, rest assured it’s a great idea. It’s always the right time to get beautiful photos that capture the heart and soul of your pets, your family, and all your loved ones!

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