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Roux got his name because he is the color of a light roux.

(Southerners know what this means. Others: feel free to ask!)

Well, seems Roux is getting older and Lisa, one of his people, realized it was time to get some great pictures of him while he was still active and healthy.

Active turned out to be an understatement, BTW!

Roux not only got a couple feet off the floor in the name of treats, he performed tricks he hasn’t performed in a long time.

Lisa calls Roux a “deople” — that is, a dog who is also “people.” He’s got personality for days. Roux has both a home and a workplace: he goes to work in an accounting office with Lisa every day. In fact, he’s known for sitting in her office like he’s the manager and everyone else works for him!

Clients and employees alike love Roux and are quick to greet him when they visit the office. In his off time Roux enjoys the relaxing at the lake.


Click any image below to launch the gallery and see how we caught Roux’s amazing energy and personality!

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Roux’s artwork is displayed at Lisa’s office where all his favorite people can enjoy it!

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