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Nike and Dot were photographed in 2016 at their home in Little Rock.

They are the fur babies of Libby and Aaron, whose wedding I photographed a few years back.

Going back even further, Libby and Aaron dated for nine years before getting married.

And Nike pre-dated their relationship.

In fact, she was with Libby way back in college, when she was tiny enough to crawl inside a tennis shoe … hence the name Nike.

Dot’s formal name is Persephone. She was fairly new to the family when we took photos. While Nike just wanted to sit in the sunlight and enjoy the comforts of home, Dot was more eager to chase a tiny fluff ball around the room.

When we photographed Nike, she was around 15 years old. She was healthy and thriving, but Libby was anxious to get photos because … well, you just never know.

The slideshow below contains all the photos they ordered for their beautiful portrait box, one of my favorite products of all time because it’s both storage and display at once.


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