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I love my clients at Mariposa Studio and want you and your family to always be in your best health!

I am still doing consultations, either virtually or in person, and I would love to simply chat with you about all the things you love and treasure about your family, pets, friends, partner, etc. That’s always the first step for all of my sessions, so we can start that beautiful planning process right away! And who knows, talking about what you love about your kids could be the perfect antidote to having them home all the time!

I don’t often offer deals or discounts, but while we wait out the coronavirus, I am making an exception.

You can save today on your past or future session with Mariposa Studio with a secure gift certificate purchase below! Choose any amount, combine amounts, purchase more than one, gift friends and family or gift yourself.

Remember the session fee is only $100 on weekdays and prints start at only $50!


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Here is where I’d usually have Terms and Conditions but there are very few conditions with these gift certificates!

• You can combine them with another offer.  Want the gift of photography for your upcoming wedding/baby/senior? Share this link with your friends!

• They do not expire.

• They can be purchased in a variety of denominations.

• Each gift certificate is discounted 20 percent, so when you go to use them you will have more money to spend!

• These can be used to purchase from a past session, so if you fell in love with something when we had our photo shoot, you can purchase these and get a sweet deal!

• They are not redeemable for cash at face value, but if we find these absolutely will not work for you then I do have a refund policy. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to call me at 501.517.0962.