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I photographed Jessica during a trip to Mississippi in 2017.

Since I’m able to show my clients their photos only minutes after a session, I can take my business on the road from time to time, so I did that during a trip to visit my family in May 2017.

Jessica’s mom wanted senior photos, even though Jessica had just graduated. We usually do senior photos starting the summer before senior year so we have them for things like invitations and yearbook ads, but occasionally I get families who have been busy and still want pictures before their son or daughter goes off to college. The quick turnaround is great for that scenario too, of course!

Jessica is her mom’s only daughter, and for some years (until mom Jennifer met her husband) it was just the two of them. Jennifer described perfectly for me the expression she loves, when Jessica just holds her head a certain way and listens. It was a time of big change in the family’s life, with Jessica launching into the world, and her mom and dad moving to a new town. We decided to celebrate the town she had just graduated in, Natchez, Mississippi, in the photos we took.

First stop was the bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. “This is our beach,” Jennifer told me. After a few light and airy photos on the “beach” we went for a completely different look, and our fabulous location was a favorite tree. It took us a while to find it, but it was well worth the search!

Jessica loves to read so books figured in many of the photos. We celebrated her love of learning, something that is of course important for Jennifer, who is a teacher.

Instead of sharing just photos, I’m sharing the album spreads in this post, so click through the photos below and pretend  you are flipping through the pages of Jessica’s beautiful senior album!

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