maternity portraitsIt’s late in the evening and I have done a lot — photographed a Mother’s Day brunch, gone on the Quapaw Quarter Association’s Tour of Homes, had dinner with my family — and things are winding down for the day. I wanted to take a minute, though, to share this beautiful photo of expectant mom Rejena, and to celebrate motherhood in all its shapes and forms.

What this means to me, is not to celebrate only the women who are biological mothers, but all of the women who nurture those around them. I celebrate the teachers who welcome children into their classrooms and make them feel loved and wanted. The other school personnel who help with problems or help children achieve their highest potential. The volunteers at churches and charities who open their hearts and devote their time to a cause.

Another group I would love to celebrate today is foster moms. In the last few months, I’ve noticed that more and more foster moms are coming into my life. I am always riveted by the stories they share, and in awe of the love that they share so freely. I am currently working on offering a special service to foster families in the area, because they have touched my heart so deeply.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you, not just today, but every day!