Father and Son Portraits
We just finished celebrating Mother’s Day, and I’ve noticed that we hear a lot around this time of year about “Mom and Me” portraits.

You know what else I’ve noticed? We don’t hear very much about “Dad and Me” portraits even though at this point Father’s Day is just around the corner.

Dads are very important, but often they get left out of the family photography experience. Many times the entire experience is planned without dad, and he is told to just show up and do what he’s told.

That’s not my style at all. Dad deserves a say in both what story we tell, and what goes on the walls at his house. I always do my utmost to bring dad into the planning experience — and the rewards for that are phenomenal, just like in the photo you see here.

Rob, the dad pictured, is thrilled to be able to have the close relationship with his son that he was never able to enjoy with his dad. It’s also important to mom that dads get involved and have a close relationship with their kids. There’s nothing that melts a mother’s heart like seeing an engaged, involved dad who really connects with his children.

The photos that we create are so important, too, to the kids in telling the story that they will remember as they grow older. Think about your own childhood. There’s a lot I have forgotten, but many times if there’s a photo connected with an event — a vacation photo, a portrait, or even a photo I took myself — I remember it. I even remember events with photos when the photos themselves are gone (we lost a lot in a house fire several years ago).

It’s wonderful to know that this young man will always have a story in his mind about having fun with his dad, about his dad loving him and laughing with him.