mother and son portraitWhen I asked Brooke about Noah, her response was, “He’s a little warrior. And I want him to grow up to be a warrior for God.”

Brooke is a warrior herself. She has battled hard times but she always has a beautiful smile for those she meets.

Noah is a sweetheart, as you can see in the photos. He loves to battle with sticks, light sabers, toy swords and other things, but he’s also still at the age where he can be cuddly and loving.

We created a collection with Brooke and her son to show his warrior side and his loving side. It also shows his mom’s willingness to be playful.

I’m in a networking group with Brooke, but I got to know her partly because we both make time to spend with our kids, at the pool, or during the summer at Crystal Falls water park in Hot Springs.

It was a joy to see the mother-son relationship between these two, to capture it, and to create artwork telling their story that they will treasure for many years.