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It started with Leo.

He came into Whitney’s life and was soon indispensable. He snuggled close during a difficult health crisis. He was a sweetie, and Whitney fell in love with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed.

So in love, in fact, that she began to work for a breed rescue organization, eventually taking on the role of overseeing the group’s efforts in Arkansas.

 Dexter came along, only two but with orthopedic issues.

Most recently Hobbs joined the crew, rescued from a hoarder situation with more than 100 dogs needing homes.

All of them have the sweetness common to this breed, and they are a beautiful little team of fur babies! They know how to take care of their mama and each other.

 I met this crew at Barkus on Main in downtown Little Rock, and practically chased them down the street. I’m glad I did because they were a joy to work with and the results are beautiful … these sweet babies couldn’t be anything other than a work of art.


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