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Discover the magic behind your pet’s story at Mariposa Studio Photography. Our mission is to capture the cherished moments that make your pet truly one-of-a-kind. From the playful antics to the tender moments, we know that every pet has a tale worth telling.

At Mariposa Studio Photography, we don’t just take photos; we design personalized pet photography sessions that revolve around your pet’s distinct personality. By collaborating with you, we gain a deep understanding of what makes your pet special, ensuring that each session becomes a tailored experience, bringing out the very best in your furry companion.

Have You Always Wanted to Capture the Wonder of Your Pet?

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Click the button below and fill out the form to contact us, or cut to the chase and call or text me at 501-517-0962. We will start the process of creating amazing artwork by asking you about your pet and what makes them unique and wonderful!

Plan Your Experience

We want to learn as much as we can about your pet’s story so we can tell that story in beautiful photos. Everything we learn is crafted into a personalized experience that captures the wonder and magic of your fur baby!

Love Forever!

The day is finally here! We play, love on your pet if they want it, have treats, and do everything in our power create a joyful experience for your fur baby. When photos are done, your pet gets to rest, and we get to look at what was created and choose your favorites to turn into treasured artwork that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Meet Your Photographer

Hi, I’m Michelle, mom to two human children and five fur babies. As a lifelong pet owner, I know how much our furry friends can change our lives, and how much we miss them when they are gone.

Having a pet in your life is a special bond that goes beyond words.

Having beautiful photos that tell the story of those special relationships is a wonderful way to honor and treasure those times with them.

I have loved many pets in my life, and each one has a special place in my heart. I cannot imaging my life being complete without them, and I find comfort in being able to remember their sweet faces and personalities.

My first heart dog was Patches, a border collie on our farm in Mississippi. She died young, shot by a hunter, and we never had a photo of her. I remember her sweet heart, but I don’t have any photos of her sweet face. I don’t want anyone to have to go without those memories of their special fur baby.

Of course, like all pet owners, I have pulled out the cell phone for snapshots of my fur babies, only to find they were blurry and badly lit, that I have not captured the action, or that my dirty laundry is distressingly obvious in the background. In the studio, using all the tools at my disposal, I can create those heart-stopping, action-stopping photos that encompass the true beauty of your sweet babies!

Let me create beautiful artwork for you so you never have to go a day without seeing that sweet face and that joyful personality!

Studio Portrait 50 year old woman

Hi, I’m Michelle, the pet-loving owner and photographer at Mariposa Studio.



I love sitting on the floor with 80 pounds of dog in my lap (or five pounds; doesn’t matter as long as I’m getting licked in the face) and making puppy noises to get that perfect head tilt. You will never catch me complaining when a dog jumps on me! I consider it the highest compliment.

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